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SeekerDNA was established as a spin off from Seeker Technologies, whose core business is the aerial survey of minefields. Seeker Technologies were approached in South Africa to see if their technology could be used for animal survey and census work monitoring the movement of wildlife in the region.

This led the company into looking into security products which could help protect the wildlife and deter and catch poachers.
One of the tools the company researched was synthetic DNA marker products. This led to discussions with UK-based  synthetic DNA manufacturer Trace Tag UK Ltd.
These DNA based technologies also provide security and safety solutions to people.

SeekerDNA has now developed a range of products for asset protection and personal security using this patented technology, due to the high levels of assaults, both sexual and physical, that are being reported on university campuses, both in the UK,USA and around the world.

Utilising the technology of DNA identification, we offer products that provide a deterrence to physical attack and to combat the increase in the spiking of drinks, which can lead to so called date rape.

To this end, SeekerDNA has also secured agreements to the exclusive distribution of Personal Defence/ Deterrent spray and a simple, inexpensive test strip which can be used, discreetly, in a bar or party setting, to check if a drink has been spiked with drugs. This product is marketed as SeekerTYD (Seeker Test Your Drink).
SeekerDNA currently has offices in the United Kingdom, United States of America and South Africa  and is developing a global footprint.

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